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Smart Ultra Short Throw Laser Projector

Main Features

■ Laser light source, 3600lm ultra-high brightness, 20000hrs ultra-long life
■ Ultra short throw projection technology, 0.24 projection ratio, easy to get 100 inch giant screen effect
■ TI DLP technology, top-level fine-tuned optical engine, high resolution picture quality and vivid color
■ H.265 4K decoding supported, Full HD 1080p display resolution supported, HDR supported
■ Support automatic focusing, automatic keystone correction and manual four corner keystone correction
■ Support front, front ceiling, rear, rear celling, multi-screen splicing and other projection patterns to satisfy various engineering usage sceneries
■ Support wireless projection function for IOS/Android/Windows
■ Support over-heat protection
■ Support cloud service and remote diagnosis

Laser Light Source
UP300, which utilizes blue-color laser light source and dual synchronized color wheels, displays distinct and bright images and brings more real viewing experiences to the users.

Utra-Short Throw Lens
UP300 is equipped with ultra-short throw lens from Japan and can project 100 inch image at 15cm distance from the screen. No shadow will be casted onto the screen by the light of the projector even if the users stand closely in front of the screen.

4K UHD Decoding
UP300 supports H.264 4K decoding and 1080p Full HD display. It supports HDR function and provides true brightness, which further enhances the image contrast and the color range enlarged accordingly and brings back amazing visual effect.

Keystone Correction
UP300 supports four corner keystone function, which can easily correct the keystoning and diagonal distortion, and make the image and screen perfectly match.

360° All-Directional Installation
It supports 360° all-directional installation and projection models from any angle, side or upside down.

Various Interfaces
Equipped with three HDMI interfaces, two USB2.0 ports, one RCA interface, one RJ45 port, two Mini Jack interfaces and one VGA port, which can easily cope with various signal sources.

Smart Android Operating System
It operates with Android 6.0 operating system, which supports lots of games and applications.

Edge blending
Edge blending technology can make the overlapped center part brightness same as the other parts, and create the super-size images easily.

Integrated Solution
Deployed with WHITESKY projector, to make full use of short throw advantage, integrated solution is convenient for construction and layout.

Fusion Solution
Providing open software customization environment with very simplified system deployment and diversified projection forms.

Unified Management
Projectors can be grouped for unified management by cloud with PC or mobile phone.