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OEM & ODM Services

A group of intelligent and experienced  ID Designers, mechanical engineers, hardware Engineers, system integration engineers and software engineers have assembled in Whitesky Science & Technology to provide customized service for customers in different industry. With long term development & production experience in smart device industry, whitesky technology could provide PCBA design and total solution OEM/ODM service.

Hardware Customization Services

1. OTT set-top box, IPTV set-top box, KTV VOD system
a) Total hardware solution and customize service according to customers' requirements, including but not limit to mainstream chip solution provider like  BROADCOM ,HISILICON,Rockchip and MStar etc.
b) Total hardware  development including schematic design, PCB design, component selection and mass production
c) Total STB design and development
d) Total Hardware and system testing
2. Audio Product Solution

a) Total sound effect mixer hardware solution, including Schematic design, PCBA design, component selection and manufacturing
b) Hardware solution customization and product R&D and manufacturing
c) Wireless Microphone, Wireless Sound box, total audio & video entertainment system  customization
d) Digital Audio, analog audio solution circuit customization, design & technical support service

3. Smart Video Terminal Solutions
a) Smart projector Hardware total solution customization, development and manufacturing service
b) Smart TV  total  solution ,customization, development and manufacturing
c) Multifunctional digital frame total solution customization, development and manufacturing
d) Information poster total solution customization, development and manufacturing

4. Technical Support and Testing Services
5 to 10 year work experience engineers may participate in the development, debug and testing by customer’s request

Software Customization Services

1. Android system development
a) Complete system requirements customization and development
b) Individual function customization and development
c) 5 to 10 year  work experience engineers may participate in the development  by customer’s request

2. Development board technical support and customization
a) Providing Hisilicon / Broadcom / Rockchip / MediaTek / Qualcomm.etc chip solution development boards and technical support service
b) Providing  development board customization and development service
c) 5 to 10 year work experience engineers may participate in the development together with customer side on demand

3. OTT/KTV/Home multimedia software customization
a) Providing software development and maintenance based on Broadcom / Hisilicon / Rockchip Solution SDK
b) Providing on-site support during development
c) Providing customized function development on demand

Successful Case:

1. Shanghai Shuaifeng Joint Development project
This project is MTK 6.0 platform, we mainly provide the following support for customers:
a) Provide human resources to support the project according to customer requirements
b) Complete the display / scan head / touch screen / sensor / camera driver development in Android OS
c) solve the system instability issue in the development process and some system functions customization

2. Development board
Providing  development board technical support and customization based on Hislicon Hi3719C platform

3. Information poster business
Provides Information poster system customization and post technical support service